The state of enterprise WordPress 2023 is an upcoming report from a collective of enterprise agencies and hosts that will highlight how enterprise brands across the world are using the number one CMS.

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Once just a tool for bloggers and sole traders, WordPress has rapidly evolved into a leading CMS for enterprise brands, with big names such as The Times, Vogue, and the White House now counted among its regular users. To explore why and how large-scale organisations are making use of the publishing platform, a group of leading enterprise WordPress agencies is currently gathering stats and insights that will be shared in an upcoming report.

State of Enterprise WordPress 2023, set to be published later this year, and will provide a current snapshot of the pros and cons of the platform according to the growing number of global brands that use it. As well as focusing on key areas such as budgets, publishing processes, and custom functionality, the report will also highlight why they chose it, how they’ve extended it, and what improvements they’d like to see over the longer term.

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